10k MVP

How it works

Within 1 month and a fixed budget of 10.000 €, we will aim to finish 1 MVP.

What is an MVP?

I define the »Minimum Viable Product« as the first good version of a website / web app which we can launch and show to the world.

This first version is already fast, scalable, secure and of high quality - but does not yet have all the features.

Why 10.000 €?

10.000 € is a good balance for an MVP - it’s a functional and stable version of the website, even though not fully-featured yet, but can do more and is more robust than a simple weekend project.

I’ve seen projects with a budget of 3.000 EUR, but the code was often ugly, not secured and of low to very low quality. On the other side of the spectrum, I've seen 50.000+ EUR projects that never launched, because new features kept getting added. The code base grew larger and larger, fixing the website became more difficult, and in the end, development was halted.

Why 1 month?

1 month gives us enough time to plan and develop a good website, but not enough time to have »feature bloat«.

Some try to launch within a week, but usually such a project doesn’t give great value yet. On the other side, waiting a year or more to finally launch, you will miss opportunities to get feedback from customers. Maybe 50% of the features are not really needed - but you won’t know since no customer can test the product.


Phase 1: Discovery + Roadmapping

Consultation where we will go through the requirements, features, long-term goals and quick check »under the hood« and current state (e.g. what’s working, what’s missing, what’s problematic).
We plan the next steps and set the long-term goals and agree on the tools to create the website / web app. This roadmap is a continuous process to make sure we’re always on the same page.

Phase 2: »Ugly Duckling«

Iterative development - we code, design, create the infrastructure and set up as much as possible. We add design elements, but focus is on the functionality and user experience, we want to make sure everything works as expected. If needed, the designs will be done in parallel.

Phase 3: Prototype

We finalize the functional web app, we enter the most important data (e.g. some products, imprint, about us) and content and finalize the designs.

Phase 4: Testing + Feedback

Even though we test and get feedback throughout the process, we will go deeper into testing, depending on the requirements, scope and platform, we will go into usability testing, load-testing (i.e. can the website handle enough visitors at the same time?), performance testing.

Phase 5: Take-Off

Everything works now and it looks good. We integrate the feedback that we received and depending on the project, we use this phase to create more content or ads or optimize specific parts and plan ahead for the next months.


Depending on what your needs are (web app for a startup, niche online shop, landing page for a specific product), we will use different tools. These are some of the modules that might come into play:

  • Custom development if you are creating a functional app that does not really exist yet in its functionality.
  • Online Shop System using a suitable online platform for creating scalable small to medium-sized online shops.
  • A/B-Testing in case you want to test and check elements of your pages for effectiveness.
  • User Tracking to find out what your users are doing on the website.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in case your focus is finding clients or buyers through search engine search.
  • Web Performance if a very speedy website is a primary concern (we almost aim at high speed websites, but this is for when you want to squeeze every millisecond you can).
  • Content Marketing when you want to find visitors through content.
  • Design + Photography if aesthetics are core to the website.
  • Newsletter Marketing if you want to create long-term trust and branding with your users.


If something is not feasible to do on our own, we will reach out to our close network, consisting of frontend & backend developers, online marketing (SEO, Ads, Newsletter) experts, e-commerce shop owners, designers and photographers.


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