Oliver Adria’s
Development Agency


Development & consulting of high-quality, secure and fast web apps, web prototypes & APIs.


Small to medium sized software development agencies (as development support for the agencies’ clients), Startups with funding (building new features incl. software architecture)

Check out our 10k MVP process

Own Projects

NachhaltigeJobs.de Jobboard and Community for sustainability, NGO and CSR jobs.
Cologne.io Jobboard and Community for the digital and startup scene in Cologne, Germany.

Tech Stack for custom web apps

Backend: PHP 7.x, Symfony 3 / 4 (incl. Flex), Laravel 4 / 5
Frontend: Twig, Bootstrap (3 and 4), Vue.js 2 (also Single-Page Applications), Webpack
Infrastructure: Amazon AWS - ElasticBeanstalk, RDS, CloudFront, S3, EC2
Databases: PostgreSQL (alternatively MySQL or MariaDB)
Performance and Quality: WebPagetest (page performance), Blackfire (backend performance), Symfony Profiler (development), SensioLabsInsight (code quality)
Other Services: Algolia Search, git (Github, GitLab, Bitbucket)
Server: Basic Apache / nginx administration
Further skill areas: Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)